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All manuscripts must be checked from content that contains plagiarism. Authors are advised to use plagiarism detection software to check the similarity of content. The editor detects plagiarism in articles submitted in this Medicordhif Journal by using iThenticate ( since 2022. The maximum limit for plagiarism in accordance with Ristekdikti provisions is 25%.

Plagiarism is an intentional or unintentional act in an effort to obtain credit or value for a scientific work. Namely by quoting part or all of the works and/or scientific works of other parties that have been recognized as scientific works without mentioning the source accurately.

For that, then:
Articles must be original, have never been published, and are not in the process of waiting for publication in other journals. As for the material taken orally from other sources, it is necessary to clearly identify it, so that it will produce a manuscript that is different from the original text.

If plagiarism is identified, the editor-in-chief is responsible for reviewing the article. All article authors are responsible for the content of the articles they submit to the Medichordif Journal